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Initial documentation needed for all borrowers include:

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A Little Bit More About Edgar

Throughout the 12 years Edgar has been in the home finance and banking industry, he has made a commitment to always put himself in his client’s shoes when he helps them with a home loan.  Asking the right questions helps him better understand their concerns and what’s important to them.   As a US Navy Veteran, integrity in his work is something he takes serious, and as a homeowner, he’s very aware that the loan process can be a stressful and tumultuous experience, and giving the client the proper expectations makes a huge difference for them.  Refinancing a home loan to save a lot of money or buying a home is a wonderful, life changing experience, and that’s what he strives to make sure the borrower gets out of the loan process.


Edgar Hernandez

Sr. Loan Officer 

NMLS# 670742

Phone #: (888) 505-8960 Ext. 480

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