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Initial documentation needed for all borrowers include:

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A Little Bit More About Kevin

Kevin has been in the mortgage industry for over 10 years. Kevin has been a professional at home purchase loans, refinance transactions, and all other types of mortgage products. Kevin has personally originated and funded over 1,000 home loans in his career and specializes in underwriting guidelines. Since his employment with Equinox Home Financing, Kevin was given the responsibility of making sure that buyers and borrowers qualified for the loans they are trying to apply for. Because of Kevin’s extensive experience in loan origination, he understand what it takes to make sure loans are approved and qualified so that our customers are not wasting their time. Kevin is an asset to the team and is appreciated by all other team members for the hard work he does to make sure they can continue to provide excellent customer service.


Kevin Fabian

Credit Manager 

NMLS #225861

Phone #: (888) 505-8960 Ext 260

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