About Us

We are proud of our slogan, and we practice it daily…Relax. We make lending easy.

Equinox Home Financing is an out-of-the-box lender that provides mortgage loan solutions for those who struggle to get qualified due to non-conforming income documentation or have the need for make-sense underwriting instead of following a strict set of rules.

Who We Are

Equinox Home Financing has a focus on providing solutions to its customers, partners, and industry professionals. Most mortgage lenders are focused on low rates or quick service. However, where most lenders lack the ability to provide creative financing, this is where Equinox Home Financing excels. Standard loan programs or products have become a commodity over the last decade and most lenders have chosen to center their focus on competitive terms and fast turn times as their advantage.

Here at Equinox Home Financing, no matter what your situation is, we most likely have a loan program that will fit your specific needs and a loan product to help get you financing. We provide solutions to make home financing easy. Many years ago, we realized that there was a huge lack of available financing for those that are self-employed, entrepreneurial, sole proprietors, independent non-wage earners, and real estate investors so we made it a goal to be able to provide lending for these groups of homeowners along with standard conventional financing for all.

We specialize in more creative, non-conforming, or non-standardized loans that will help buyers and existing homeowners with home purchase loans, refinancing, home equity loans, or real estate investing. Over the years we have built quite the reputation in the mortgage lending industry as a true and reliable lender. Don’t believe us? Check out the overwhelming amount of positive reviews that our clients and partners have posted about us. Just search us and you will see what everyone is raving about.

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